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Portals & Warps

Portal Size / Fuel Calculator

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Opening Cost:0 Shards

Cost Per Hour:0 Shards

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Warp Details

Cost:0 c

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Warps are a one-way, short-term link to other worlds which cost coin to use.

They require a saved location on the destination world - obtainable by trading a Location Token with another player, or by picking your own location using a Warp Augment in your Totem.

Place Warp Conduits and interact with them to select a destination and open a warp.

Warp Conduit
Common Travel Block
Basic Tool
Location Token
Travel Aid
Warp Augment


Portals are longer-term two-way doorways that physically link worlds across the universe.

They require Oort Shards to fuel the Portal Conduits.

Place Portal Conduits in the same configuration on both the start and destination worlds, create a Portal Token from the master portal and place it in the destination portal, then insert enough Oort Shards to open and continue fuelling the two-way Portal.

Portal Conduit
Uncommon Travel Block
Oort Shard
Ultra Rare Portal Fuel
Portal Token
Travel Aid