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A massively multiplayer game by Wonderstruck Games, set in a sandbox universe of connected voxel worlds.

Latest Updates

5th December 2018

Release 209 items and recipes are now available on the crafting pages!

Some of the balance has been restored to the force ... I mean forge (!), with reduced requirements for low level recipes allowing for earlier access to forging. Also some higher level recipes and effects have been tweaked making the highest level gear slightly less over-powered and so easily obtained.

This update also brings in some new seasonal items for the Oortmas event starting on December 18th and running up until the new year! Collect candy canes - red from giant snowball meteors, which land on level 1 & 2 worlds, and green from creatures wearing santa hats - to craft multiple new items, such as christmas tree sections, snowman heads and bodies and various Oortmas presents! You'll also be able to craft snowballs out of ice and glacier blocks to throw at your friends! Merry Oortmas everyone!

As always, have fun and stay Boundless!

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