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A massively multiplayer game by Wonderstruck Games, set in a sandbox universe of connected voxel worlds.

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24th March 2017

So, here it is, the update some of you have been waiting for (and the rest of you probably didn't even know about!). Item images have started making their way onto the site! Whoop!! Now, some of these new images are not just your average, every day images, oh no... some of these images are extra special... they're actually 3D objects which you can fully rotate and marvel over... the same 3d objects currently used in game! But wait ... there's more ... for good measure, you can actually download a snapshop image of however you've positioned them - a simple and easy image snap for the YouTubers out there to add to your cover images!

Currently there are only a meagre few 3D models for you to drool over, but I'll be adding a whole bunch more soon, so watch this space!

As always, have fun and stay Boundless!

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