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A massively multiplayer game by Wonderstruck Games, set in a sandbox universe of connected voxel worlds.

Site Update Information

21st June 2017

I hope you're all enjoying the latest game update!

With the latest live release covering a whole new plethora of skills and progression, it would only be right for this update to Boundless Crafting to be about the same thing! You should notice that now, most crafting items are locked behind a skill wall - so if you're stuck on "how do I get the recipe for this thing", you can now find out by looking up the item on the crafting page!

You may notice that Some skill descriptions have some odd {$ATTRIBUTE... style text within them... this is used in game to reference against your current skill levels.... I'm working through hooking up these references, so that eventually you'll have a nifty skills calculator to plan out what you want to do with your character(s)!

Any errors, issues or ideas for the site - please feel free to contact me on the Forums, on the Boundless Discord (pm works best there so that I get notified) or via Facebook or Twitter (links below).

As always, have fun and stay Boundless!

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