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A massively multiplayer game by Wonderstruck Games, set in a sandbox universe of connected voxel worlds.

Site Update Information

4th September 2017

Release 176 items and recipes are now available on the site...

Interesting notes for this release are the inclusion of the "CHEAT Bevel Chisel" and "CHEAT Square Chisel"... Only for use in the World Builder of course, but that's confirmation of discussed feature if ever I saw it!

Also very noteworthy, are the new decorative poles and beams which made an appearance back in May on the forums. These can be seen on the crafting page by unchecking the "show only items currently in game" box (sadly there are no recipes for them yet, so you'll just have to wait for those!).

There's a whole bunch of new things coming down the pipeline - Good times ahead!

Any errors, issues or ideas for the site - please feel free to contact me on the Forums, on the Boundless Discord (pm works best there so that I get notified) or via Facebook or Twitter (links below).

As always, have fun and stay Boundless!

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